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The spectacular new entrance to the Museum opens access to the visitor. TriPyramid worked with the design team from the early conceptual stage to develop all the connection details. TriPyramid and W&W Glass/Pilkington refined the glass support details, and TriPyramid manufactured the supporting structural elements, from the large steel plates beams to the various stainless steel castings, tension rods and associated hardware.

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Swaging is a common application of cold working, a method of plastically deforming metal in a controlled fashion at room temperature to create new geometry and stronger, harder material in the affected area. When used to apply fittings to stranded cables, the cable end is inserted into the swage shank. The shank is then cold-formed around the cable. In the swaging process, the material of the swage fitting literally flows into the cable interstices, forming a mechanical lock between the two components. This fabrication method is used to connect many of our wire rope and structural strand end fittings.