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Swaging is a common application of cold working, a method of plastically deforming metal in a controlled fashion at room temperature to create new geometry and stronger, harder material in the affected area. When used to apply fittings to stranded cables, the cable end is inserted into the swage shank. The shank is then cold-formed around the cable. In the swaging process, the material of the swage fitting literally flows into the cable interstices, forming a mechanical lock between the two components. This fabrication method is used to connect many of our wire rope and structural strand end fittings.
TriPyramid's origins are in design of ultra high-performance yacht rigging where ounces of material in a component meant the difference between winning and losing. Today, we rely on the same intense focus in design, material selection and manufacturing ideology for the making of architectural hardware. The goal is not just to shave ounces, but to find the best solution to meet the mechanical, structural and aesthetic requirements of each system.

Today it is nearly impossible to build something without a collaborative team of designers, engineers, fabricators and contractors. Since the beginning, TriPyramid has believed that the best designs are those which blend together all of these fields. Our in house team of engineers, designers and craftsmen utilize the most advanced tools in their fields to ensure that you receive the best service at every stage of the project.

From galvanized structural strand to ultra high-performance Nitronic stainless steel rods, TriPyramid has a line of tension elements to meet your structural and budgetary requirements. We design and manufacture custom connection and end fittings to create a perfect fit for any project specifications.

An important part of the TriPyramid process is the marriage of design, material and manufacturing technologies. This requires close collaboration with vendors having a range of exotic capabilities. Often multiple manufacturing capabilities are brought to bear on a single product. It is important that we be able to work with these vendors in their own facilities as we push the design envelope well beyond what is possible with traditional methods.

Right here in the US we still have some of the most creative manufacturing people in the world, with the most sophisticated equipment available anywhere. They just do not normally work in the building and construction realms. We take advantage of our relationships with these people and organizations as we push the design envelope beyond what can be accomplished with technologies more common in building and construction projects.