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TriPyramid medium strength rod provides the perfect foundation for an inspired railing system. Its smooth, brushed surface makes it easy to keep clean, and its high yield strength makes it virtually kink-proof. Typical sizes for infill rod are 3/16-inch [4.8mm] and 1/4-inch [6.4mm] diameter, which creates a safe barrier without compromising visual clarity. When compared to cable infill systems, rod provides less deflection under load and allows for compact end fittings.

Whether retrofitting an existing system or designing for new construction, an attractive and cost-effective solution begins with the end fittings. The adjusting nipple is the most frequently used fitting from the TriPyramid line. It serves as both a length adjuster and rod termination. Beveled washers are available to accommodate any stair angle and can be coped to accommodate round stanchions. Nipple tangs, either straight or swivel, are a cap assembly used for attaching to wood stanchions or walls. Turnbuckles are used for mid-span adjustment. All railing fittings are designed to conceal the rod threads for a clean and refined appearance. Fittings are type 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish. Other materials and finishes are available on a custom basis.

Use the following component guide to design your railing system and request a quote. Our standard product line has been optimized to provide solutions for typical railing designs; however, we would be happy to assist in designing custom components if you can’t find assemblies to satisfy your job specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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