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Component Design
TriPyramid components are the result of a vast and varied collaborative team of architects, engineers and machinists. The components we design are a direct result of an optimized system around the particular requirements of each project.

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Hardware and component design is an evolutionary process, where today’s project directly benefits from past work. We have participated in decades of design discussions, focused on the development of innovative building technologies, which gives us a large collection of design options to begin your project.

When I.M. Pei requested high strength stainless steel tie rods with great ductility and innovative terminations for his signature pyramid at the Louvre, we learned that our hardware must be not just nuts and bolts, but a cohesive system, taking into account all aspects of the design. From that first project through today, we work to ensure each component is part of a larger system, integrated into the full design of the building.

Our experience in nuclear engineering, high performance sailboat rigging, aerospace materials, metallurgy, manufacturing and construction guides and improves the design of our hardware. We are able to look at things from a broad range of angles in an effort to design hardware that meets almost any performance criteria. We optimize the choice of material, geometry, tolerance and finish for the aesthetic, structural and environmental needs of every project.

Our enthusiasm for component design encompasses small jobs and large, simple as well as complex, using a range of materials for diverse applications. Please see our Hardware Gallery for samples.