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System Integration
The true power of our components is realized when they are combined to create a full hardware system, connecting the pieces built by others to form the whole.

System Integration - left block

We believe that great projects start with great design models. This emphasis on building highly accurate and detailed 2D and 3D CAD models allows us to find and solve problems in a system before steel is cut or site preparation begins. Intelligent use of technology saves time, money and headaches.

We do not build buildings; we build parts of buildings needed to complete jobs. Much like a component manufacturer for an aircraft or car, we can’t be sure our parts work without fully understanding the interrelationship of all building components. We take the time to model parts by others. This extra step allows us to minimize geometric tolerances required at the interface with non-TriPyramid parts, adding polish to the aesthetics of any design. We can create seamless interfaces between vastly different systems.

Our scope in solving integration issues varies greatly. In some cases the goal may be to make sure stair treads fit within a stringer system being supplied by steel manufacturer X. In other cases, TriPyramid will be tasked with the full geometry of the stair, from structural anchor points at all floor slabs, to analysis of building movement, installation tolerances, and site conditions.

No matter how simple or complex, we work through the entire problem and with the entire team to get it right the first time.