TriPyramid was founded in 1989 in response to a growing need for structural hardware that was unobtrusive but elegant.

The founding partners had significant experience in metallurgy, mechanical design, and manufacturing gained through earlier work ranging from America’s Cup racing yachts to nuclear submarines, and from titanium bicycle frames to non-magnetic, high-strength hardware for atomic particle accelerators. Bringing this experience to the world of architecture and art opened design possibilities that simply did not exist without these technologies, which were born elsewhere.

The company has expanded continuously, adding architects, mechanical engineers, and machinists to the design staff. We hone our expertise in material science and the technologies of digital design and manufacturing every day. This relentless push to innovate in all areas of our production allows us to expand the range of what is possible and practical in the world of architectural hardware.

TriPyramid’s design team collaborates with artists, architects, engineers, and contractors to develop hardware and structures that are mechanically sound, cost-effective, and at the same time, enhance the architect’s or designer’s vision.