Embodied Light Sculpture

From the architect, “Embodied Light invites visitors to engage thoughtfully and physically with three suspended optical devices meant to heighten an individual’s awareness of the informational content of natural light. This thesis is grounded in a belief that it is the presence of light illuminating the millions of surfaces and textures of a surrounding environment that triggers and informs our perceptual and physiological response. Hence it is not only the moments of dawn or evening twilight, nor the mid-day brightness of daylight, nor the qualities of light that exists within darkness that informs us, light is also a part of our memory and dreams, as light resides within us.”

TriPyramid Structures collaborated with JCDA on the design of the lens support cables and hardware. We manufactured the final components which wrap each acrylic lens, as well as the custom connection hardware which stabilizes the lenses, backing mirrors, and scrims in the space. TriPyramid also fabricated the three acrylic lenses in-house.

ASU Pedestrian Bridge

This complex, fabricated structure was designed to act as a pedestrian sunshade with enough transparency to provide views of the surrounding ASU skyline in addition to providing a visual transition as walkers crossed from one side of campus to another over a busy thoroughfare.    

TriPyramid worked with the design, engineering, and construction teams to optimize the sunshade units both aesthetically and structurally while allowing for logical and manageable sub-units that were mechanically assembled on-site. We built the master parametric models in Rhino/Grasshopper and Solidworks to coordinate the complex geometry with fabrication partners and all trades. In the end, eleven painted carbon-steel sunshade sub-units and their associated massive anchorage weldments, all weighing in at over 147,000 pounds of steel, were supplied. Each sunshade sub-unit was manufactured and verified using aerospace laser positioning equipment to tolerances of 1/32”, which ultimately ensured a successful installation.

Novartis Office Entry Enclosure

The glass enclosed entry atrium and glass covered canopy are centerpieces in the design of this Novartis research facility.

TriPyramid collaborated with the glazing contractor to develop the plate beam glass support systems for the canopy, glass roof and walls. The walls are wind-braced by horizontal, steel plate beams, which are, in turn, supported vertically by a series of tension rods. The glass fixing nodes are integrated in the fittings which attach the plate beams to the vertical rods. TriPyramid supplied the plate beams and all associated stainless steel support rods and fittings. 

Moongate Residence Stair

This spiral stair is the centerpiece of a Sedona, Arizona residence. Custom cast glass treads are hung from vertical A22-0375 stainless steel rods, and cantilevered standoffs complete the support system by precisely positioning each tread next to the wall of natural red rock. A series of one-inch diameter machined spiral links support the handrail and stabilize the vertical infill rods.

TriPyramid worked with the engineer and architect to develop a hardware solution that minimized the presence of stainless steel elements, allowing the focus to instead be on the striking color contrast between the textured glass and rock wall. The geometry of the rock interface was accurately measured with a 3-dimensional scan to ensure that each tread and the associated TriPyramid hardware fit perfectly when installed. Discrete changes were required in the length of every standoff assembly to compensate for the organic shape of the stones.

Residential Spiral Kit Stair

Close collaboration with the architect and homeowner drove the development of this custom kit-of-parts spiral stair connecting their patio to the second-floor deck.

Finding an affordable solution to the design vision was a key driver in the development of the stair parts. The primary elements are made out of painted aluminum; the treads are folded aluminum plate and handrails are short segments 5-axis machined out of aluminum blocks. Railing infill and cross bracing are our standard stainless-steel hardware.

Four Seasons Canopy Hangers

The fanning hanger rod geometry elevates this monumental steel and glass entry canopy designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.

This system incorporates A22, medium-strength rods with continuous lengths over 40 feet. Turret tangs allow universal angular adjustment. At the upper terminations, TriPyramid designed and supplied two 250lb bi-metallic weldments transitioning exposed stainless structure to carbon steel embed plates.

West Podium Art Wall

The West Podium Art Wall delineates the entry between the shops & restaurants and the public square and gardens. The facade stands at 92 feet high, 312 feet long and contains over 30,000 machined components by Tripyramid.

Tripyramid designed and developed the cable net façade and canopy through a series of mockups with the design team, JCDA, and with the installers, W&W Glass. JCDA’s novel inverted “J” glass façade geometry is supported by a continuous set of aluminum extrusions that tie back to horizontal stainless-steel struts and pairs of 24mm vertical tension cables. The atrium zone of the wall includes three additional 55mm horizontal cables that were prestressed to nearly 300kips to form a Vierendeel truss that provides 90 feet of clear space for the main entrance.

Tripyramid additionally manufactured and finished the high strength stainless steel outriggers to support the glazing canopy. The outriggers cantilever nearly 20’ away from the façade and incorporate machined pockets for the LED lighting and drainage features for the integral gutter system.

Lobby and Atrium Walls

The atrium wall is carved into the façade which visually anchors the building to the High Line as you approach from the south, creating a light-filled vertical campus for the company. From the north, the lobby wall protrudes as a prism into the main plaza, tying into the High Line, while it also dives down to allow access at street level near the corner of West 30th and 10th Ave.

Both cable net walls use similar detailing; custom-designed, cast and machined high strength stainless steel patch fittings which connect the glass to fully-locked galfan cables that range from 31 to 40 millimeters in diameter.

At fifteen-stories tall, the trapezoidal atrium wall required cable lengths of 225 feet. Where cables terminated into the gradually sloping side wall, a compact hanger was required – supporting loads over 90 kips and rotations of plus or minus five degrees within a space approximately 8 inches wide.

Opening onto the plaza near to The Shed and The Vessel and in opposition of the rest of the tower is the sixty-degree corner of the lobby wall. Outriggers and a slender, fully machined corner bar allow the wall to stand away from the building creating a space that seamlessly blends into the plaza. The two entries consist of twenty- and thirty-foot-wide structural stainless steel portal frames which variously tie into the cable structure and the building structures.

26 Federal Plaza, Light Reflection Masts

The reflection light masts consist of three independent heliostat fabrications integrated into the redesign of 26 Federal Plaza, facing Foley Square.

Tripyramid worked directly with the artist to construct a series of undulating mirror composite panels into the top of a custom two-part aluminum mast. Tripyramid also worked with the architect’s electrical consultant to integrate conduit and cables for both power and data for one wind meter and two surveillance cameras per mast. Each mast required Tripyramid to specify a fabrication and erection methodology so the installer could accurately orient the mast within the site to appropriately redirect sunlight to various landscape features around the plaza. 

Rose Center Glass Cube, American Museum of Natural History

The glass cube was envisioned as a transparent enclosure for the new planetarium, an iconic sphere, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

TriPyramid collaborated with the architects and structural engineer from the earliest design phases to develop the glass support system and all associated details. TriPyramid worked with the glazing contractors to manufacture and supply all the horizontal stainless steel rod trusses, anchorage castings, and vertical support rods that fix the low iron glass to the primary vertical steel pipe trusses. The steel pipe trusses are by others.