Shokan House Stair

This private residence in Shokan, NY, features a mixed metal stair and balustrade system, along with structural bracing rods, which proved to be an excellent case study in the collaboration between an architect and TriPyramid. In particular, our working relationship with the team involved allowed us to understand the design vision and have the capacity to execute on an unparalleled level of custom detail, fit and finish.

TriPyramid incorporated the engineering and architectural drawings into a complex and complete 3D model and drawing package, from which components could be analyzed, critiqued and approved to ease final coordination. The painted steel stringers, with integrated radiused handrail edge, were fabricated from one continuous steel plate. To provide fall protection, Tripyramid designed a custom A22-0188 railing infill system into the stair stringers. The effect is a seamless integration, where the rod appears to continue through the stringer with no visible termination. The stainless steel treads are made from a custom perforated metal plate and were formed to match the exact features of the stringer geometry. The balustrade and balcony systems mimic the stair.

Double pairs of TriPyramid A25-1500 stainless steel rod assemblies provide cross bracing while framing the atrium opening. TriPyramid designed custom high strength end fittings to help balance the structural requirements against the owner’s aesthetic needs.






Jay Bargmann, Rafael Vinoly Architects


Yoshinori Nito Engineering and Design


Jay Bargmann