Standard Elements:

Affordable Elegance

The compelling transparency made possible by the use of tension elements for glass roof and wall support systems is significantly enhanced by the spare beauty of the structural elements themselves. The perfect finishes, clean fitting design, and obsessive attention to detail used to create TriPyramid’s standard elements enhance any architectural vision.

In many cases, a component from TriPyramid’s range of standard fittings is the ideal solution. This complete line of rods, cables, and adaptable end fittings is available for a wide array of applications. These tension elements can be advantageously selected to fit any budget.

Structural Tension Assemblies

TriPyramid Structures designs and supplies an extraordinary variety of tension members to be certain we can fulfill any job specifications. Our products range from decorative stainless steel rods and cables to large-scale, galvanized structural basics. Standard end fittings for all tension members exemplify the TriPyramid aesthetic, adding polish to any project.

Railing Infill

Our medium strength rod product is ideal for creating distinguished railing infill systems. Its smooth brushed surface makes it easy to keep clean, and its high yield strength makes it virtually kink-proof. All railing end fittings are designed to conceal the threaded connections. This, coupled with minimized rod diameter, makes our railing infill stylishly understated.