We are manufacturers at heart who invest heavily in pushing the limits of traditional architectural fabrication. Our engineers and architects work hand-in-hand with the production team in a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared throughout the design process. This means our parts are right the first time, lead time is reduced and costs are kept low.

We machine components small and large to the thousandth of an inch, balancing technologies from aerospace tooling to traditional machining methods for ultimate efficiency. We form and weld alloys ranging from carbon steel to aircraft grade stainless steel, with qualified procedures and certified welders. When economies of scale or complex geometry make machining too expensive, we are able to cast carbon and stainless steels. We are able to extrude aluminum in a variety of sizes and cross-sectional complexities.

We make parts from any alloy of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and bronze. We also work with a variety of plastics and high performance polymers in the interface between our components and materials to which they connect. Our effort to find new materials to solve issues with each new project is never-ending and we never stop learning.

The visible nature of our hardware requires us to have a range of finishing options and coating capabilities. We provide the most basic epoxy paints to ultra-high performance architectural coatings, bare steel to optical grade mirroring on our stainless steels and everything in between.

There is no limit to what we can make, but the true service we provide is our guidance to what’s possible and practical today. We are constantly pushing those boundaries to innovate new possibilities for the future. Please see our Hardware Gallery for examples of the details we manufacture.

We machine… We form and weld… We cast and extrude… The variety of material options combined with the assorted finishes and coatings we can supply make almost anything possible.