Apple 5th Avenue Entry Cube, Rebuild

This iconic glass cube is the entrance to the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City.

The cube was first built in 2006. It is the very definition of glass structure: All loads are carried by the glass beams, fins, roof, and façade panels. In 2006, the glass fins and panels were the largest that could be produced anywhere in the world.

Five years later, glass fabrication technology had been advanced so much by the Apple design and fabrication team that Steve Jobs decided the original cube should be replaced. The number of glass panels went from ninety in the original cube to fifteen in the 2011 version. Also, the fittings which hold the glass panels together and fix them to the vertical glass fins are now laminated within the three layers of glass, rather than external patch assemblies.

TriPyramid was an integral part of the design and fabrication teams for both versions of the cube. All the stainless steel and titanium fittings were designed and manufactured by TriPyramid.

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