Apple Boston Glass Façade

The façade and roof of this Apple store is one of the most sophisticated structural glass installations anywhere in the world. The L-shaped glass fins support both the façade and the connected glass roof. The lower end of the fins is wind-braced by a horizontal glass beam. The “hockey stick” fins were, at the time, the largest pieces of laminated glass ever made. The beauty and transparency of the façade belie the intricacies of the structural system.

TriPyramid worked closely with the design team of architects, structural engineers, glass fabricators and glass installers to develop hardware for the complicated system. TriPyramid supplied all the assemblies required to stitch these pieces of structural glass together: optically mirrored, stainless steel patch fittings, “hockey-stick” glass fin supports, titanium inserts and stainless steel struts and a continuous stainless steel channel which supports the horizontal glass beam






Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Eckersley O'Callaghan


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