ASU Pedestrian Bridge

This complex, fabricated structure was designed to act as a pedestrian sunshade with enough transparency to provide views of the surrounding ASU skyline in addition to providing a visual transition as walkers crossed from one side of campus to another over a busy thoroughfare.    

TriPyramid worked with the design, engineering, and construction teams to optimize the sunshade units both aesthetically and structurally while allowing for logical and manageable sub-units that were mechanically assembled on-site. We built the master parametric models in Rhino/Grasshopper and Solidworks to coordinate the complex geometry with fabrication partners and all trades. In the end, eleven painted carbon-steel sunshade sub-units and their associated massive anchorage weldments, all weighing in at over 147,000 pounds of steel, were supplied. Each sunshade sub-unit was manufactured and verified using aerospace laser positioning equipment to tolerances of 1/32”, which ultimately ensured a successful installation.






ARCHITEKTON / Grimshaw Architects


Eckersley O'Callaghan, Buro Happold


McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.