Embodied Light Sculpture

From the architect, “Embodied Light invites visitors to engage thoughtfully and physically with three suspended optical devices meant to heighten an individual’s awareness of the informational content of natural light. This thesis is grounded in a belief that it is the presence of light illuminating the millions of surfaces and textures of a surrounding environment that triggers and informs our perceptual and physiological response. Hence it is not only the moments of dawn or evening twilight, nor the mid-day brightness of daylight, nor the qualities of light that exists within darkness that informs us, light is also a part of our memory and dreams, as light resides within us.”

TriPyramid Structures collaborated with JCDA on the design of the lens support cables and hardware. We manufactured the final components which wrap each acrylic lens, as well as the custom connection hardware which stabilizes the lenses, backing mirrors, and scrims in the space. TriPyramid also fabricated the three acrylic lenses in-house.






James Carpenter Design Associates


TriPyramid Structures, Inc.


James Carpenter Design Associates