Jackson Laboratory Stair

The stair is situated in a grand lobby space of the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine research institute. It floats in the complex, sun-lit space in front of a glass wall, treads blending into the auditorium wall on one side and distancing itself from the zinc-clad wall on the other. Sunlight is allowed to pour through the thin wood and steel treads as well as the glass balustrades.

The non-rational geometry on either side of the stair presented a challenge in modeling, coordination, detailing, and fabrication. In order to confirm building and stair geometry a global model incorporating Revit, Rhino, and SolidWorks models from the Architect, S.E., and G.C., was created. This model served as a coordination tool, a check against two-dimensional drawings, and for creation of shop and fabrication drawings. The white painted carbon-steel stair was delivered to site in three fabricated units. TriPyramid also supplied stainless steel accessory hardware – handrails, glass balustrade fittings, and thin hanging rods – which were designed as integral components of the stair fabrication.






TKA Architects


Stutzki Engineering


Shepard Steel