Moongate Residence Stair

This spiral stair is the centerpiece of a Sedona, Arizona residence. Custom cast glass treads are hung from vertical A22-0375 stainless steel rods, and cantilevered standoffs complete the support system by precisely positioning each tread next to the wall of natural red rock. A series of one-inch diameter machined spiral links support the handrail and stabilize the vertical infill rods.

TriPyramid worked with the engineer and architect to develop a hardware solution that minimized the presence of stainless steel elements, allowing the focus to instead be on the striking color contrast between the textured glass and rock wall. The geometry of the rock interface was accurately measured with a 3-dimensional scan to ensure that each tread and the associated TriPyramid hardware fit perfectly when installed. Discrete changes were required in the length of every standoff assembly to compensate for the organic shape of the stones.






Swaback, PLLC.


Stutzki Engineering, Inc.


180 Degrees Design + Build