Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse Reflective Light Tubes

Thirty-eight strands of eight-foot-tall reflective aluminum tubes are hung beneath a skylight in a ten-story atrium in the Federal District Court of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Light Tubes are designed to fill the space with natural, diffused light of varying intensity based on the sun’s changing angle throughout the year.

The primary design objective was to have the tubes appear to float in the space, with little or no visible means of support. Use of TriPyramid’s A22 stainless steel tension rods enabled the support rods to be so small (less than 1/8-inch diameter), they virtually disappear. TriPyramid worked with James Carpenter Design Associates and the structural engineer to develop the remaining connection hardware, completely hidden in the tubes, which completes the support system.

All tension rod assemblies, strut hardware, and the concealed internal hardware for the hexagonal tubes was manufactured by TriPyramid.






Designer: James Carpenter Design Associates


David Kufferman, P.E.


James Carpenter Design Associates