Two Manhattan West podium wall

Two Manhattan West completes the pair of skyscrapers for Brookfield’s mixed-use development on Manhattan’s West Side. SOM designed the 50-foot-tall glass lobby to complement its sister tower, One Manhattan West, by wrapping the facade along 9th Ave. The lobby also provides access to the open courtyard and vibrant retail corridor between the towers.

The building is positioned directly above passenger rail lines, adding complexity to the already-novel structural arrangement. TriPyramid worked hand-in-hand with SOM, Eckersley O’Callaghan, and W&W Glass to make this façade system work. TriPyramid performed FEA checks on each of our components, developed and manufactured a custom cable-tensioner, and completed a full-scale performance mockup of the southeast corner.  

The final design features thirty fully-locked galfan cables measuring 40 mm and 45 mm in diameter were spaced 10-feet on center and tensioned up to 160,000 lbs to resist the loads imposed on the façade glass. Custom head and sill brackets weighing 2,000 lbs were manufactured by TriPyramid to distribute the cable forces back to the building superstructure. Hidden behind the triangular stainless-steel sheet metal shrouds, each cable received compact wind load and dead load clamp assemblies. Below the finished floor, 2.5-inch square stainless steel sill bars spans between cables to terminate the glass and provide framework for waterproofing.

TriPyramid also designed and manufactured the three stainless steel portal entrances, the largest measuring 10-feet tall by 30-feet long. Each portal leg and header unit were manufactured to bolt together in the field, simplifying installation and shipping logistics. The portals incorporated hardware for mounting the swing and revolving doors, as well as hidden electrical wiring pathways for security cameras and exit signs.






Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Eckersley O’Callaghan


W&W Glass, LLC